Creating a Company Culture

Everybody knows Culture eats Strategy for breakfast. Culture consists of people. Simply put a culture is “How we do things around here to succeed”. In our model we focus on three elements, the core of the business, the culture and individual vales.


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Individual Performance



Creating a shared vision

Creating a clear vision and values is an important starting point for any business. It provides the basic framework within which to build a great company culture.
When setting up the vision and values, it is important to consider the company’s mission, objectives and principles. The vision should reflect what the organization ambition for the future, and the values should represent the fundamental beliefs that guide it. Adding practices to values will make it easier for everybody to relate to them and apply them to daily tasks.

Building Unique Identity

Creating a great company culture is the process of establishing an environment of trust, collaboration, and respect among employees that leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction. It involves creating an organizational structure that sets clear expectations for behavior, recognizes personal contributions, and encourages open communication between management and employees.

On lower levels in the organization it’s important to build the team identity based on the overall company’s values.




Individual values

Creating a great company culture is essential for individual employee success. It is important for an individual employee to deeply connect with the core values of their company, understand and be committed to its mission and objectives, and have the ability to integrate its culture into their daily tasks.

Individual employees should strive to embody the company culture in how they approach their job and make sure that their actions are in line with the company’s values and goals. 

Our Services

Entire Organization

Our method is the foundation for the steps we take to transform any business. If you need assistance to realize (or even set) your ambition, we will gladly assist in building a culture suitable for future growth.

Culture within Teams

Even within teams a separate culture exists. We can assist the team get insights on the current culture and needed changes. Our trainers are fully equipped to take your team by the hand.